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Originally Share Your Design web service was planned for those architects who use ArchiCAD and want a common web-platform to discuss any questions with their clients or with people on the construction site. As the new iPad application can create new message boards directly from the iPad using its camera, therefore we opened SyD to run also without ArchiCAD.

All users who have ArchiCAD can benefit from SyD’s ArchiCAD integration as before, but those of you who just want to start a discussion in a new project can simply start doing it now. Just login to the website (or sign up if you did not do it so yet), go either to the Message Boards or to the Settings pane, and there you find a new empty project (if you don’t have one already). There you can start your discussions with your clients, construction people or anyone involved into your discussions.

There is even more: new projects can be created with no limitation even without ArchiCAD. If there are more things to discuss that are independent from each-other, then just start a new project for each of them. It can be done simply from the Settings pane, where the projects, users and their relations can be defined. Let the project be planning a house or a design topic you want to discuss, it is up to you how you create you projects and message boards.

You can start new message boards either from the website or from your iPad. It’s just a click on the New Messageboard button, and start typing the topic. On the web you can upload and then redline any images, or do the same using the camera of your iPad and then the large touch screen. Once you are done, then all project members will be informed about what’s going on.

Start using Share Your Design now!
New ArchiCAD 16 Mac compatible Add-On has been released. The windows version is also coming soon. After logging in (or creating your new) account simply go to project settings, and click the download button. You can simply choose it from the product list, and the install it.
Many month of development, lots of planning and implementation resulted in releasing a new version of SyD. Redline drawings directly from the browser, edit messageboards using the browsers of mobile devices (iPad, iPhone or Android), and do all this in English, German, Japanese or Hungarian. In the new version both Architects and clients can start new messageboards. For supporting construction work without and ArchiCAD drawing Architects can start new projects directly from the browser. Try Share Your Design now!